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I consult and speak in the areas of small group strategy, staffing structure, volunteer mobilization, and spiritual formation.

My goal is to help you successfully grow your church members so you can reach your community and care for your congregations. I usually write a post once a week, but sometimes that turns into one per month. I also have quite a few posts for small group leaders, since this blog started as a training tool for my own small group leaders.

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Most of what I’ve learned about small groups over the last 20 years+ of ministry was in the school of hard knocks. I have served at two churches: a Top 100 Largest Church for four years and  for 15 years as Associate Pastor at New Life Christian Center, Turlock, CA, where we saw 125% of the adult congregation connected in small groups (and that’s not funny pastor math!) I have also served with Brett Eastman at Lifetogether Ministries over much of the past decade.

I’ve had the privilege of teaching for the Willow Creek Association-Canada, the BASS Conference, Saddleback Church’s Purpose Driven Church Conference and Radicalis Conference, Global Bible Institute, BrookwoodU, Grace Church-Arvada, CO among others. I have worked with hundreds of churches across the North America. For more information on my coaching and consulting, click here.

I have written for Christianity Today’s smallgroups.com, churchleaders.com, Rick Warren’s Ministry Toolbox and other ministry sites.

My wife, Tiffany and I live in  Greenville, South Carolina with four kids, two cats and two dogs.

I’d love to talk to you about how I can help your church.

Contact me: allen@allenwhite.org

Phone: 949-235-7428



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